Assisting in the development of a regional ICT strategy for the Voluntary Sector

Client: VONNE


Producing an update of the old ICT strategy through talking to a variety of stakeholders. Being clear about the vision and central objectives proved to be challenging: ICT is only important to most people when it goes wrong!


Facilitation of a neighbourhood management planning day for Back on the Map

Client: Back on the Map (Sunderland NDC)


Acting as an impartial external facilitator of a day to work out a proposed system of neighbourhood management for the NDC area- in particular acting as a bridge between representatives of residents, statutory services (including the Council) and Back on the Map staff. Using techniques of problem analysis we identified common areas of concern and developed a general scheme and action plan from this.



Communications Strategy for the Regional Infrastructure Consortium of the Third Sector in the North East

Client: VONNE (as accountable body for the RIC)


Development of a communications strategy for the Regional Infrastructure Consortium for the Third Sector (that's the Consortium of Regional Infrastructure, not the Regional Consortium of Infrastructure - isn't English ambiguous sometimes?). The RIC is there to coordinate and represent the work of regional organisation. Although it has had some successes in gaining/directing CapacityBuilders funding (for Funding Information North East and the Regional ICT Champion for example), the diversity of the participants means that creating a focus is something of a challenge. We sought to produce a limited number of coherent messages for different stakeholder groups and produced an action plan to improve the RIC's image.