Business Plan for the North East Cultural Diversity Arts Forum (now Intercultural Arts)

Client: NECDAF Intercultural Arts


Production of a business plan looking at ways forward and stable ways of operating based on different scenarios related to income generation.


Business Plan for the North East Disabilities Resource Centre

Client: NDRC


Production of a longer term business plan for NDRC including its merger with Donna Claire Venture. Both charities deal with severely disabled people, NDRC being initially Scope in Sunderland and DCV offering high quality respite care. NDRC had been through a difficult period but had renewed itself, while DCV was fighting for its existence owing to the low prices paid by local authorities relative to its commitment to high quality care. A merger has reduced costs whilst not compromising onquality and the combined organisation is now stable.


Business Plan for the Salaam Community Centre as it moves to extended premises

Client: Salaam Resource Centre/Hartlepool NDC

Development of a business plan for the Salaam Resource Centre as it extends its operation to move to a disused church being renovated through Hartlepool New Deal for Communities. Consideration of the key objectives, and some sensitivity analysis and scenario planning based on degrees of success in raising grants.